Meet Kayla!

 Meet Kayla:

Kayla has been at our sister company, Print Works, for four years where she is the Marketing Team Lead. Kayla was also a part of the original team that created Basic Apparel Co. and continues to serve an integral part in helping the business grow!

This is Kayla:

 Kayla is 25 years old and is a proud Parisian! Kayla graduated from North Lamar High School in 2012 and then went on to major in TV & Film with a minor in Journalism at the University of North Texas. She married Matt Rhodes in 2018 and together they have a dog and two cats. In her free time, Kayla enjoys drag racing her '69 Camaro, photography, and finding the BEST memes on the internet. 



Favorite thing to watch on Netflix or tv: The Walking Dead + Criminal Minds

Favorite Food: The Ultimate Feast from Red Lobster. PERIOD. 

Favorite Drink: Strawberry Limeade with EXTRA strawberries (Because ya know, she's extra!)

Favorite Color: Pink !!!


Kayla's Favorites at Basic:

- Leggings are the number one seller for a reason - and Kayla's TOP pick from Basic is leggings!  

- The V-Neck Side Slit Sweater is also a FAVVV from Kayla!!!

- Finally, Kayla is a fan of ANYTHING bleached


Here's The Scoop:

Kayla loves being able to work for both Print Works AND Basic Apparel Co! She says her favorite part of her job is designing apparel from scratch and being able to see the end result that was created. Kayla says the apparel business is exciting, new, and fun, and that it's always interesting to see what is trending in fashion. 

Kayla hopes to see you SO SO soon! In the meantime, be sure to keep up with her and ALL THINGS BASIC on Instagram!

      • @shopbasicapparelco


    • Mursora

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    • Shirley Spencer

      Kayla, perfect job for you. You are amazing at everything you put your hand and heart into. They are lucky to have you! The sky is the limit. Love you beautiful lady.

    • Sue Prihoda

      Love love this post!!!! I really love all the appeals at Basic. I just wish I was a little younger so I could ware everything in the store. Employees are really nice. Great job Kayla. Love Mamaw!

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