Meet Taylor!
About Taylor:
Taylor is 28 years old and is a proud Chisum High School Graduate. After graduating high, Taylor went to Paris Junior College where she earned her Associates Degree. She loves animals and has two dogs of her own! She has Eli, her 2 year old rescue dog who is FULL crazy, but still so so loved and Diesel, an 8 year old Australian Sheppard (a.k.a. her BABY.) She stays SUPER busy, but during her free time she loves spending time with her friends and family. She is a homebody at heart, so most of her time is spent there where she LOVES to cook! 
She started her career 6 years ago at Print Works, where she began working in Customer Service as the first receptionist. She then worked her way around most of the business up to where she is today - Director of Sales & Marketing. Taylor was also a part of the original team that brought Basic Apparel to life, and there she serves as Vice President of the Company.
At Print Works, Taylor is responsible for the sales, marketing, and design teams. She does anything from helping with day to day operations to very strategic planning to help grow and maintain the business.
At Basic Apparel, Taylor carries pretty much the same role! She oversees day to day operations and also plans out the year ahead. Taylor says though, that Basic is so much different than Print Works - in a good way!
Favorite TV show: Suits is her all-time favorite, but LOVES The Bachelor as well!
Favorite Food: Sushi allll the way. 
Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea - a TRUE Texan!
Favorite Color: Her answer is always purple, but her REAL favorite color is white! 

Taylor's Favorites at Basic:

Her favorite apparel here at Basic would be the Cropped Corduroy Jacket. It is definitely a MUST have for her! She says that since it’s so versatile, you can always catch her wearing it! Another must have are Highwaist Foil Leggings. They are to die for and she loves that they feel a little more put together than leggings you normally wear to the gym. Last but not least, her faunal favorite is the Cheetah Patch Hat. The logo, the fit, the design - it’s all just TOO GOOD to pass up. 
 Taylor absolutely loves her job, and LOVES being able to be a part of Print Works AND Basic Apparel! She loves fashion and designing, so Basic will always have her heart there! 
Be sure to keep up with ALL THINGS BASIC on Instagram! @shopbasicapparelco


  • Caitlin Hutsell

    Taylor has such a bubbly personality. I love seeing her smile, and her crazy laugh. We have not been able to grow a close relationship YET, but I know when we do I wont regret it.

  • Diane Stegall

    Taylor – you are beautiful! Love Print Works ans Basic. So glad you have a career you love.

  • Natalie Garcia (Murdock)

    You are growing more and more beautiful by the day, inside and out! Congrats on this big accomplishment! Love these styles! You’ve come a long way from a little girl in Honey Grove!! 😍

  • Teresa Clay

    I was in there today. Love the pocket leggings.

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